Long term parking preparation

Prepare Your Vehicle for Long Term Parking


Whether you’re waiting for new parts, preparing for a winter without enough room in the garage, have an extensive collection requiring more space, are taking a long trip away from home, or just need experts to look after your treasured car, The Paddock is the dedicated garage service center for you. We offer long term parking solutions inside a secure facility and complimentary shuttle service to the San Antonio Airport. Follow the suggested steps below to ensure your car stays in top condition before you let it sit for an extended amount of time.


Keep it Clean

Before putting your car in storage, make sure there are no spills, splatters, stains or weather spots that could cause lasting damage to the paint job or interior. Stains and spots from sleet, salt and animal debris can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior, creating costly problems you don’t want to pay for down the road. When preparing for long term parking, a thorough cleaning and wax job is a big part of making sure all of your restoration efforts won’t go to waste. With prior arrangements and fee, The Paddock staff can perform these services for you when you drop your vehicle off.

A custom fit high-quality cover is an additional layer of protection we recommend as well. This form-fitting protective cover can prevent any dust or airborne contaminates from settling on the paint of your car and ensure lasting quality of the exterior coating.

If you need assistance with this, The Paddock can help! Click here to view our detailing options.


Change the Fluids

Even if the fluid levels in your car are where they need to be, if you are not sure when you last changed it, we recommend taking the time before you store your car to flush all fluids and replace them. This includes the engine oil, anti-freeze, power steering and brake fluid. Dirty oils contaminated by acid or water can have long-lasting effects on your car’s performance, creating expensive maintenance problems that can lead to permanent engine and bearing failure in the future. We like to be better safe than sorry when it comes to the health of our vehicles.


Fill the Gas Tank

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a full gas tank is essential when parking a vehicle long term. A full gas tank reduces the amount of water that can be absorbed by the gasoline, diminishing the risk of the fuel in your car turning to varnish. Additives like Storage Fuel Stabilizers will reduce the risk of oxidation in your gas tank. These should be mixed with the existing gas in your tank, and the vehicle operated for a few minutes to ensure protection throughout.


Protect the Engine from Rust

Engine rust can be a serious issue in classic cars or high-mileage cars. For these vehicles we recommend using rust stop treatments prior to storing vehicles for long periods of time. Residual condensation can silently damage engines, even in protected and climate-controlled facilities.


Final Preparations

Before parking your car for a long period of time, allow it to run or take a 30 minute drive to evaporate any moisture on the engine and exhaust. When you park the car at the facility, please do so in designated areas, use the parking brake, turn off all accessories, unplug any chargers or other equipment and deactivate any performance tuning devices if possible.



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