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Premier San Antonio Vehicle Storage

As a newly built luxury car storage facility in San Antonio, we’ve been receiving a lot of interest from customers across the San Antonio and Bexar County areas. One of the biggest questions we’ve received has centered around exactly what it is that we do here at The Paddock. We’re here today to help erase some of that confusion and help our community better understand exactly what we offer and who we are.

We specialize in offering upscale auto storage to discerning clientele from the greater San Antonio and Austin areas. Many of our clients store luxury vehicles in our secure, indoor storage facility rather than let them sit idly in the elements. Whether you’ve got a custom tuner vehicle, a pristine luxury car, a sports or race car, or even a classic vehicle that has been meticulously restored, we take care of every vehicle stored in our facility as if it were our very own.

In addition to offering short-term and long-term vehicle storage since 2018, we also specialize in offering airport auto storage. Let’s say you’re planning on flying out from the San Antonio airport in your private jet and don’t want to hire a car service or give just any driver the privilege of driving your car. You can’t consider leaving a pristine, precious vehicle in an average airport parking lot or garage while you’re gone. There’s no telling what could happen to it! Instead, you can visit us at The Paddock (conveniently located next to the San Antonio airport) and let our team store your luxury car for you. When you land, we’ll pick you up in your own car and you’re back on the road in no time. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the thrill of driving your car and still protect it while you’re gone.

Although vehicle storage is at the crux of our business, The Paddock is much more than just a car storage facility. We also offer a wide variety of services for luxury vehicles, such as full detailing, custom tuning, and even engine/battery maintenance while your vehicle is stored with us. We’ll perform regular engine start-ups and battery trickle charges to keep your systems running perfectly. Whether you’re storing your luxury car with us for a month or a year, your vehicle will be road-ready the very instant you are. We always aim to anticipate our client’s needs and offer the best possible solutions.

Ready to work with us? Contact the professional San Antonio vehicle storage team at The Paddock today. We’ve got space for your vehicles in our facility and are looking to expand to accommodate even more. Experience the best in vehicle storage and call The Paddock at 210-437-2946.

Premier San Antonio Vehicle Storage
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